You’re busy, so we’ll keep this simple.
Here are 8 cool ideas that made businesses work better.

Explaining the value of good ideas can be a challenge.
But demonstrating the value of great ideas in action is so much easier.
So here are eight concrete examples of our ideas improving client’s businesses in various sectors.


To develop a more 'personable' image for a large accountancy firm, E-creation built a ‘virtual beverage vendor’ on the website which 'remembers' the website visitor with a personal greeting and virtual beverage. In addition, each morning the website sends the receptionist a list of visitors and which drinks to prepare 3 minutes before arrival, creating that magical personal touch that clients value.



To help manage the world's largest Internet technology firm's widely distributed sales force, E-creation built a sales app that was distributed digitally but managed & updated centrally. Eight simple, inter-related questions built customer requirements profiles which are converted into an interactive visual story demonstrating the 'problem solved'.



E-creation created the UK’s first educational content authoring system with functionality & content separation. Publishing content is easier, student performance is measurable on a national level & through our AI algorithm, teachers deliver a unique, personalised teaching plan addressing each student’s specific weaknesses.



For a London finance giant with prime advertising space, E-creation created a dynamically generated animation of 'the stock market galaxy' using live stock market information. The animation was projected onto frosted glass in the front of their building to generate positive brand awareness 24 hrs per day.



Rather than focusing on changing technology & design for a major online bed retailer, E-creation used language optimisation. Using pricing anchors & behavior influencing linguistics achieved a 50% increase in daily sales within one month of the revamp and reduced customer returns.



To prove a solid economic case for investment in youth programs, E-creation developed a website & mobile app listing youth activities programmes, linked into the local police crime database. This provides a continually measurable ROI (based on the economic cost of crime) for council's investment in youth activities, for more effective distribution of budgets.


Design & Marketing

E-creation’s business card captures the essence of the value of a great idea. With the strapline ‘that little bit sharper’ printed in one corner of the card (and the other 3 corners being rounded), it is a physical manifestation of the core value of the business that always brings a smile to people’s faces.

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