Magento - BigBedCompany

E-creation built the BigBedCompany e-commerce website over the course of 6 months using the out-the-box Magento 1.9.1 platform plus customisation with bespoke design front-end. Positioned between the 'intermediate' and 'advanced' category of pricing, we used 10 plugins to extend Magento's core functionality, in addition to custom coding some very specific requirements from the client:

  • custom pop-up boxes for selecting size of bed rather than using Magento’s in-built dropdown functionality
  • custom add multiple products into the shopping cart based on product groups
  • custom realtime display using Javascript for attribute information such as ‘made-to-order’, ‘lead-time’ & ‘actual size’.
  • custom shopping cart information to display actual delivery dates for orders with split product lead-times
  • custom delivery pricing to unique pricing based on product types / postcodes

The UI of the website was updated significantly to target mobile phone platforms which accounts for 60% of the traffic to the website. Use of language optimisation achieved a 50% increase in daily sales within one month when compared to the old site.

This custom Magento website includes many optimisation features to improve speed & performance:

  • DNS & full server caching
  • CSS optimisation
  • .htaccess file redirects from old products indexed in Google