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Animations & Interactive Content for IOS, Android & desktop

E-creation has a strong pedigree in animation. We started 1999 creating animations using Adobe Flash & Adobe Director to go into interactive multimedia for companies like 3com, Cisco, Royal Bank Of Scotland, City & Guild and Slough Borough Council.

Today, animation has moved to being primarily pre-rendered or created in HTML5 to ensure compatibility with mobile devices on the IOS & Android platforms. The responsive element of animation is key to ensuring its success. To provide you with insight into the thinking process employed by E-creation when creating modern animations, we have provided our process sketches for you to look at on the right.

Animation prices vary depending on the detail & length of animation but it is possible to create very cost effective 'infographic' animations using templates such as the animation at the top of this page. For SMEs, short template animations be created for budgets as little as £500 which makes it a very accessible investment of marketing budget compared with starting costs of £2,500 for bespoke animations which we create for larger corporate clients.

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