Using Teddy Bear Passport as a local travel app for kids

Jonny is going to visit the beach today with his teddy bear and his mother has installed the Teddy Bear Passport onto her iPhone.

In the morning, before getting in the car, Jonny taps the app on his mother’s iPhone to automatically stamp his home [01.07.16|Philadelphia|United States] as the starting location of his travels.

During the drive to the beach, the family decides to detour at the Status of Liberty, where Jonny stamps [01.07.16|New York|United States]using the iPhone’s built in GPS.

When they arrive at New Jersey in the afternoon – Jonny taps the screen again to record his complete day out with [01.07.16|Ocean City|USA].

If the family stays overnight, Jonny can stamp Ocean City the next day again with [02.07.16|Ocean City|USA] but he can’t stamp Ocean City again that day  (so he doesn’t end up with two of the same stamps).


Using Teddy Bear Passport as an international travel app for kids

Alice is going on holiday to Italy from the UK. She has installed the Teddy Bear Passport App onto her iPad which has a 3G sim card in it.

After an early start, Alice taps the stamp screen whilst in Gatwick Airport with the WIFI connected and the app automatically stamps [14.08.16|Gatwick|United Kingdom].

On arrival in Rome, Alice excitedly gets her iPad out in the passport control area whilst her parents are handing over their passports. Alice also passes the iPad to the passport control officer, he taps the screen, which stamps [14.08.2016|N/A|Italy] – N/A standing for Not Applicable because Alice has no WIFI or international data roaming.

Later that evening, they arrive at their hotel and in hotel reception, Alice connects her iPad to the free WIFI and taps the stamp page to stamp [14.08.2016|Rome|Italy].

If Alice tries to stamp again in the hotel in the same day, the app will not let her stamp and brings up an alert message saying "Please stamp when you are in a different location or tomorrow" to ensure that Alice does fill her Teddy Bear Passport with lots of duplicate stamps.